Please read our frequently asked questions before contacting us.

1. How do I get started?

Click "Buy Now" on the service you would like to purchase. After you've made the payment, you will be directed to the "Design Details" form. Fill out your information and answer the questions to help us understand what you would like in your design. You can attach and upload your photos and logos at the bottom of the form. Once you have filled out the form and sent your information, we will send you a confirmation email and get started.

2. Whats the turnaround time for a mixtape cover?

Depending on our current workload, the time may vary. It usually takes less than 2 - 48 hours to recieve your first proof.

3. How does the payment work?

We required full payment on all orders upfront and we only accept PayPal payments.

4. Do you email me the graphics?

Yes, and we also send them though the mail. The files we send to your email will be the exact file size and resolution needed for print. In addition, we also send you the back up files on a disc directly to your doorstep.

5. Can you design something for me first, and if I like it, I will pay for it?

No. Our graphics are made from scratch and can take hours to create and design.

6. Do you print also?

Yes, we do!


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